Toenail Fungus Black Line

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    longitudinal black stripes in the center of my mum's toenails, what are they?
    i found vertical dark lines at the center of my mum's very worried, can i know what is it?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe poor blood circulation or fungus..get it checked by a toe specialist.Treatable when discovered earlllyyyyyy.

    my toe fall off will it grow back?
    i run cross country and a couple weeks ago my toe turned black now it fell off will it grow back?
    and can you do anything about it for it to grow faster if it does and if it doesnt what can you do for your toe to look ok and in the meantime what can i do so it don't look gross looking?
    please help!
    and yeah sorry i meant my toe nail.

    • ANSWER:
      LoL, I'm assuming you meant your toe-NAIL fell off. Not the actual toe. Because if it was your toe, I would recommend seeking medical help immediately!

      However, if it's just your toe-NAIL, this is pretty common in runners. Your toes were probably getting crammed in your shoe, resulting in something called a subungual hematoma — painful bleeding under the toenail that can cause the nail to fall off. Your toenail turned black because blood was pooling under the nail. If it is still bleeding or doesn't look very good, you might want to go see a doctor anyway. Unless it absolutely looks ghastly, you can probably manage it on your own. Which nail was it? The smaller toe-nails tend to grow back without much of a fuss, but the big toe-nail can be a bit more complicated.

      Right now, just make sure the nail area is CLEAN, because you don't want to get an infection. An infection will delay regrowth and will definitely contribute to pain. Clean it especially after running-- I'd use hydrogen peroxide, let it bubble for about 30 seconds, then wipe/rinse it off. A replacement should grow back in a couple months, although I've heard it can take up to a year. Toenails can sometimes grow back a little funny looking, with indentations in them and whatnot...but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

      As far as cosmetics go, I've heard of people putting an acrylic nail on once a tiny smidgeon of their real nail has started to emerge. Some people have even claimed it has helped their nail grow back straighter. In my sources there's a forum about a girl who had all these issues with her nail growing back, including it growing downward into her nailbed and requiring surgical intervention. Only when she started using the acrylic on her nail did it grow back successfully. With this option, your nail may grow back straight and look pretty at the same time! I would be really cautious about what nail salon you went to if you choose this option since catching a foot fungus from a nail salon is always a risk-- a high-end salon or spa would probably be best.

      Also in the meantime, If you are going to continue running, wear fresh cotton socks, or socks made of synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin, allowing your feet to breathe. You may want to re-examine your shoes: yours should be well-fitted shoes that give your toes plenty of room (e.g. something that has a wide toe box, rather than pointed toes). And, as the toenail starts to grown back make sure you keep your toenails trimmed across in a straight line.

      Sorry if this answer is really long...but hope it helped!

    thin black line in the middle of an ingrown toenail?
    my boyfriend has this. he's not worried but i think he should get it seen to. its not the ingrown part i'm worried about its the line. i think he has it on another nail too

    • ANSWER:
      his nail is cracking underneath ,as time goes by this rais the nail & fungus infection will get in.

    what does it mean if your toenails are kinda yellow and how can you treat it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yellow isn't fungus. If they are yellow with black spots or lines, that is fungus.

      Try soaking your toes in peroxide.

      If it is fungus, give yourself a garlic foot bath.

    My toenail has a black stripe down the middle. It hasn't gone away and I've had it for about 2 months, help
    The black streak is verticle when looked at directly down. As the nail grows out, the black line remains on the nail. I don't know if it's a bruise or not because is doesn't hurt. Is it fungus?

    • ANSWER:
      It's possible you stubbed your toe and the nail bed sustained some damage at that particular site. We could go around all night and day with possibilities, but I like to say, "when in doubt, check it out- by your doctor."

      Don't fool with it or put any medicines on it. Wait and see what the doctor does or recommends.

      [former hairdresser-nail specialist 30 + yrs]

    what are these black lines on my nails?
    my grandma has these on her fingernails and i thought it was some type of fungus, but it looks too neat and dark to be fungus. i first developed one when i was maybe 14 on my toenail. it was just a thick light brown line that ran from the bed of my nail to the tip. NOW im 21 and i've got them really dark, almost black and on every single toenail on my left foot. some are so thick they take up half my nail and ive even got some side by side on the same nail. last week i noticed some starting to develop on my right foot and my thumb. i read somewhere it has to do with the heart. well, i've got high cholesterol? what is this and how do i get rid of it.

    the lines look like this,182&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=724&vpy=95&dur=1986&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=171&ty=89&oei=Z5TqTJXrDMP48Abu8YXMDA&esq=11&page=1&ndsp=8&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:0&biw=1024&bih=475

    • ANSWER:
      If you are dark-skinned, this may be perfectly normal.

      Splinter haemorrhages are tiny lines that run vertically under the nail. At first they are usually plum coloured, but then darken to brown or black in a couple of days.

      Cause of splinter haemorrhages is not always known. It is thought they may be due to a blood clot, or particles of fat that are carried in the blood and which become stuck in the nail bed. They can also appear because of injury to the nail, especially in manual workers, or as a result of an illness (such as arthritis or heart disease).

      Melanonychia are vertical pigmented bands, often described as nail 'moles', which usually form in the nail matrix. Seek a physicians care should you suddenly see this change in the nail plate. It could signify a malignant melanoma or lesion. Dark streaks may be a normal occurrence in dark-skinned individuals, and are fairly common.

    Toenail Removal or not?? Please help me!!!?
    Im a professional ballet student and I am starting to audition or companies this winter so this is like a really big deal for me, its basically my life... I've had these little black lines on my toenails for a while, and they always hurt but I just assumed it was okay to have a little pain. Recently they have started to REALLY hurt, and pointe work is excruciating ( a dancer spends as much as 8 hours a day on pointe so obviously this is a problem) I saw a number of doctors, and even a dance doctor in NYC, and they all say that it is trauma and there is nothing they can do about it. I got an Xray to see whether a bone was causing the problems but the doctor said my bones were in perfect health. Also I think I may have a fungus, but the test my doctor had me take came back negative. So Im thinking I should get my big toenails removed...My question is: Would I still be able to dance on pointe after the wound has healed? Will the area where the toenail once was just feel like regular skin or will it be sensitive? I know doctors dont reccommend toenail removal but I feel like I dont have a choice...
    Someone please tell me what you think.
    Thanks so much for the responses everyone, but when you say a lot of time how much do you mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Would I still be able to dance on pointe after the wound has healed?
      Will the area where the toenail once was just feel like regular skin or will it be sensitive?
      Mine isn't.

      I had my big toe removed about 4 months ago. It was healed within a month and fine. The nail is growing back (about 1/2 way back up).
      I had a fungus and also an ingrown toenail. Mine felt instantly better and with little pain at all. Def worth it. You could have it done so the toenail never grows back if you want to, just ask your doctor.

    What's going on with my toenail?
    The one one my right foot directly to the right of my big toe this nail has been growing oddly since I was 16. I'm 19 now. It looks odd to say the least. When I cut the nail with clippers and examine the nail it looks almost bony but is soft and kinda brittle. Not tough like a normal nail. It looks like two nails formed together, very ridge like, and 3 or so black lines in the ridges that haven't gone away. When I clip the nail the nail is completely fused to the skin it and there's 2 or 3 black lines in the odd looking nail. I'm healthy, in shape and workout regularly so is this a fungus? Vitamin thing or both?

    • ANSWER:
      Def. a fungal toenail infection. My friend had the same problem. Going to a podiatrist could work, but some people don't respond to the medicine that well and it can really mess with your liver. My friend is currently putting a mix of vinegar and listerine on the infected nail once a day everyday. It takes some time, (a few months for a healthier nail to grow in) but it's not harmful and it's pretty easy to do. It's pretty effective too.

    Medical advice on a swollen toe? Question for Doctors!?
    My big toe has been hurting for a few weeks now, but my mom just keeps saying its an ingrown toenail. Last night i finally showed her and she was not sure what it was. It is swollen right under the nail and the top of my nail has a black line. Could it be because i have had polish on it to long. It also hurts really bad if i move it or if it touches anything. Does anyone know what it could be or what i can do. I am going to the doctor next week but i would like to have an ides of what it might be.
    If you have any questions just ask i will post ASAP

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like an infection of some kind, could be anything from fungus to a staph infection. Your doc will be able to tell you more, or a podiatrist if you want to get in sooner (they're foot specialists who usually don't have as long of a wait time).

    Could I have nail fungus?
    I just popped off an acrylic nail, and I noticed part of mail nail is black. Could this be a fungus? or could I have just jammed it and made a bruise. I don't remember hitting it, but I doubt I would remember. It doesn't hurt or smell and it's a light black. I googled nail fungus and this isn't what I found... any help?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a black line on my toenail, I ignored it for ages as it didn't hurt or smell, it started to hurt eventually and I had to have it removed because there was a fungus involved.
      Did you do the nails yourself or at a salon?
      Most nails salons use the same equipment person to person, it's festy, a local nail store here used to sell kits, they kept them at the store and used only your kit items on you, hence no fungus from other people.

    is this toenail fungus please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    ok this is the story about a couple months ago i dropped a plate on my big toe i couldn't walk for 2-3 days.... after i hit my toe immedially it turn black ( i mean really black and blue) i didnt pay it any attention because after a couple of days i was back to normal, doing my everyday rutine now the part that is black is breaking off like little by little very slowly i just realize that it almost like a line hole by my cuticle...... it got me a little scared i done feel any pain or irritation i put some hydrogen poroxide on it ,is that bad what i did?????? can some one help me out with this im getting scared and nerves.... thank you

    • ANSWER:
      not fungus. your toenail just might be coming off. looks bad, but not to worry, it'll come back.

    Does anyone know of a natural remedy for toenail fungus? just recently My little toe started turning black!?

    • ANSWER:
      A toe nail fungus normally looks yellow or green, and have a thickening of the nail it’s self. Did you bump or squish your toe? It sounds more like your nail is going to fall off due to trauma, rather than a fungus. Over the counter treatments for nail fungus rarely work well, go to your doctor to get a treatment that will work right the first time. If you see a red line creaping up from your toe, go to the ER ASAP.

    should i be concerned? possible toe fungus?
    help guys, im only 13. i think a little too young for toe fungus. but do i have it? okay so i just looked at it and it hurts whenever i touch it, and now its like a bump has formed on my big toe on the right side where the nail ends. it has like a little grey line under my skin, and its all red. i touched it and puss came out. now it doesn't hurt when i touch it, but the line is still there, and it's still a bump. i also have little bumps on the side of my toe and a big grey dot on the side of my toe the same side as where the bump is. should i be concerned..?!? please help i dont wana lose my nail at 13!!! what should i do!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds more like an ingrown toenail than a toe fungus.

      Fungus is not generally in just a 'spot', but grows around the whole toe particularly the toenail. Giving a black to greenish appearance.

      An ingrown toenail, extremely common, will cause a small pustule of puss. Sometimes a line where the infection is starting to get a bit out of hand. And pain.

      The fact that when you touched the spot and removed puss along that it has eased your pain for now, clearly indicates an ingrown toenail.

      This is very easily treated at a foot specialist who will clean the infected area.
      A Doctor can also prescribe antibiotics if the foot specialist thinks it's warranted.

      You are not going to loose your nail.

    The Skin Around My Big Toenail is swollen and stings?
    The skin around the side of my big toenail stings and is swollen, I wear flip flops often and had gone to the pool a couple of days ago. I assume that its an infection from the pool, or something I stepped on with my flip flops on- or both for that matter...
    Is there any major problems I should worry about, infection, ingrown toenail?
    How can I treat it quickly?
    Also: To be honest, I don't trim my toenails often, the pools' locker rooms aren't the cleanest, and since I wear flip flops a lot, my feet get kind of dirty. I also found some sort of greenish black gunk in my toenails so-yeah...

    • ANSWER:
      You could have one or more conditions. It definitely is an infection. You may very well have an ingrown toenail but also could have a nail fungus, athletes foot, or some other type of general infection. The bottom line is you need to go see a doctor. Infections, bacteria, and nail fungus need medical care before the problem gets worse. Expect to be put on a prescription to treat the problem. Topical treatments do not work.

    Nail Problems? Please Help? Thanks :) ?

    when i was really young, my dad cut my nails with a nail clipper too close to my nail bed and clipped it too short. ever since, my nail bed has been curved and has never grown back. also, my my big toenails have a black stripe near the corner, but i think thats more of a genetic thing. I used to have alot of rough lines on my nails but they're smooth now, now that i file the surface and use NonyX gel. They also can get very yellowish sometimess.

    so my questions are:

    how can i repair my nail bed?
    is there a way/formula that can brighten my nails?
    do you any suggestions to make my nails look better?

    thank you in advance!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I dont really see anything wrong with them. But use fungus treatment even though you dont have any. Also use nail polish that has growing suppliments in it.

    Fashion Question! Looking For Any Helpful Answers.?
    Well, this school year, i'm going for the preppy look. I've read tons of tips on how to be preppy, including the attitude. Anywho, I read that it's best to spice up polos, skirts, cute dresses, sweaters, and sweater vests with a chic blazer or trenchcoat. Is this valid information? Also, are wedges, flats, Uggs, and Sperry's all I will need shoe wise? I want the look to be authetic. Additionally, I read that headbands and pearls are a must. True or false? I'm looking for anyone preppy. Also, this look was inspired by Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray from Glee.
    P.S. I'm 13 , and my friends call me "a size 2 teenage dream".
    Thanks in advance for your advice! :)
    I also own penny-loafers.

    • ANSWER:
      How to Look Preppy
      Edited byDomenic Franco and 153 others

      Want to dress in clean-cut, polished preppy fashion, as well as live the lifestyle? Here's how to do it.

      1 Keep your look simple. Prep style is, at its core, made up of clean lines, high-quality textiles, close fits, and modest cuts. If an article of clothing looks particularly flashy, complicated or revealing, it probably shouldn't be called preppy.
      2 Stay fresh and clean. Another cornerstone of preppy style is having excellent personal hygiene. Shower at least once a day, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, moisturize your skin, and wear deodorant.

      Here are some other tips:
      Smell fresh. Your perfume should be light and airy, with a crisp smell. Avoid anything too flowery or heavy. Classic floral scents work well.

      Take care of your skin. Wash your face twice a day, and work out a skincare regimen that suits your complexion. If you can't get your acne under control on your own, see a dermatologist for help.

      Look after your nails. Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed short and free of dirt or fungus. Clear, light pink, or classic red colors are typically preppy if you want to paint your nails. Whatever you do, though, make sure that the edges of your nails are clean, your cuticles are trimmed, and your polish isn't chipped.

      Groom your facial and body hair. Eyebrows should be kept shaped and plucked, though take care not to make them too thin - a full, naturally-arched brow is more popular in preppy circles (think Brooke Shields or Keira Knightley).

      For girls: Address any chin or lip hairs with waxing or plucking. Legs and armpits should be shaved or waxed, as well.
      3 Build a classic wardrobe. When you're adding pieces to your closet, focus on choosing items that are well-made, will last for ages, and won't go out of style in six months. Here are some more specific ideas to get you started:

      Figure out what colors look good on you. Everything in your wardrobe should compliment your skin tone. A good place to start is deciding whether pure white or off-white looks better against your skin. (If it's pure white, seek out colors in "cool" tones; if it's off-white, look for "warm" shades.) Popular preppy colors include white, black, navy and beige, as well as bright shades such as yellow, lime green and pink. Patterns such as plaid, nautical stripes, gingham, argyle, floral, paisley, nova checks, and tartan are also popular.

      Buy what fits. You won't catch a prep in an outfit that's too loose, nor will you see her in anything unflatteringly tight. Ignore the sizing tags and simply buy what fits your body best. If you can't find a perfect fit off the rack, contact a tailor for alterations (you can find one at most dry cleaning shops). Altering basic materials might be less expensive than you think.

      Pick up some classic staples. Staple items should be able to stay in your wardrobe for a few years. Start out with a few pairs of quality pants (dark-wash denim, corduroy, knit trousers, or chinos), some nice polos or Oxford shirts in neutral colors, a classic cardigan or cable-knit sweater, a jacket that fits (such as a trench coat or pea coat), and a solid pair of boat shoes or ballet flats. Once you have these basics, it's easier to add similar pieces.

      Keep building your closet. As you get more comfortable with preppy style, keep adding other preppy items to your wardrobe (when your budget permits).

      Here are some possibilities to consider:
      Oxford shirts (unlike polos, oxford shirts should always be long-sleeved)
      Rugby shirts
      Cable-knit vests and sweaters (traditional cricket sweaters)
      A jacket or blazer (navy blue is a staple; try seersucker or madras plaid in summer, tweed or cord
      Polo shirtsuroy in winter)
      Chino pants
      Khaki pants (the prep equivalent to jeans)
      Dark wash, unembellished jeans in a straight-leg cut
      Bermuda shorts (khaki, madras plaid, seersucker, linen or preppy prints and patterns)
      Skirts (khaki, madras plaid, seersucker, linen, preppy prints and patterns such as Lilly Pulitzer)
      Tea-length dresses and summer dresses (in madras plaid, preppy colors, seersucker, or linen).
      Tennis- and golf-inspired shirts, skirts, and dresses.

      For girls: Ballet flats, top-siders (boat shoes), ribbon/canvas flip-flops, Rainbow sandals, and simple leather high heels and wedges in shoes. Avoid wearing socks with these shoes.

      Know the brands. Classic preppy brands include J.Press, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Jack Rogers, L.L. Bean, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste, Nantucket Brand, Burberry, J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Lands End, Smathers & Branson or Tucker Blair. If you cannot afford to purchase items from these brand names, buy clothing that looks similar.

      NOTE: This is a long article! There is MUCH more to be found at the source below.

    Please give me some advise on plane trips to China.?
    I am teriified of plane trips and I have got the oppertunity of a life time to go. The problem is I have an exteam phobia of planes. I feel like I'm going to crash and burn. It truly scares me. I was just wondering if you have heard any recent palne crashes to or fro China plse let me know. Also please let me know of any mandatory vaccinations I would be requred to have for Bejing and Shang Hi. It is a school sponsard trip I'm fourteen and my Dad says he's pretty sure i'm up to date on all my vasccinations if that helps thahanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Since everyone is telling you ohw 'Nice" China is, let me mention alot of important itmes that are realistic, ok?

      The flight from USA to Shanghai will take 17-18 hours in the air....try for an aisle seat, and if you can change you sleep patterns from night to day, before you go, that will be nice.

      The Shanghai city is huge, and like New York, many thieve and swindlers are waiting for you....

      Two things to warn you about:

      #1) do not take the first offer for ANY taxi. Go find the real line of taxi's that are legally lined up at the airport taxi stand. The legitimate taxi's are all one type-of color and look like a taxi.... not jump at the first guy who will 'run up and talk real loudly to you' he will also take your bags from you and walk away faster than you can say 'jimminey cricketts' and lock them in his car!
      Then you are up a creek without a paddle for sure!

      I REPEAT: Do not take a "black taxi" which is the one I warn you about.....that type of taxi is only some guy's car, and he will not be gentle with you either! His main wish is to quickly get you or your bags, in his car and get away before the police can catch him, and he will charge you over twice the going taxi rate! (or have no legal right's here, and your word against any Chinese's word is worth 'spit'") I am an ex-pat from USA and live in Jiangsu Province.

      #2 The major health hazards are not in Beijing or Shanghai. Those cities have the richest people and are treated regularly for mosquito controls. Diseases in China do include malaria, as well as, cholera, dengue, schigliosis, typhoid, typhus and HEPATITIS.
      Do Not drink any tap water unless you see the source and know it has been boiled.
      Drink bottled water (unless it has melamine addititves)
      Do Not walk barefooted, ANYWHERE, not inside your hotel, or anywhere else, period.
      Bring shoes for your shower too! Do NOT go barefooted anywhere!
      China does not use chlorine bleach in bathroom sanitation, not anywhere, not in Shanhai or Beijing either.
      Foot Fungus is an epidemic infestation among 50% or more Chinese.
      What's worse is they do not have any concern about foot fungus. You will see the rotten fingernails and toenails of all the Chinese people.

      Cuts and Scratches: bring your own hydrogen pyroxide and triple antibiotic ointment, as well as, band-aids. You cannot find anything like that here. Trust me on that!
      H2Os is the holy grail of hospitals here!

      ALL PUBLIC RESTROOMS are the nasitiest imaginable places on this earth today, no kidding.
      How 'bout it Chinese people? any questions here?
      China holds dearly the tradition of public restroom filth.

      Please note that all ALL aspects of sanitation, including hospital care, emergency room treatment, or home life are dramatically different from the USA.
      In hospitals, Gloves for examinations are not used at all!
      Sheets are N-O-T changed between patients, and I would be very surprised if sheets or exam tables are ever cleaned, except in the situtation of some severe bleeding event. If you have some need to seek treatment, you should expect to find the exam table sheet with some small spots of dried blod stains....even in ex-pat hospitals gloves are not used....although, they were convinced to use a new disposable veni-puncture needle for my treatment when they asked for my blood sample, but that was specifically demanded, (and that was the ex-pat hosp in Nanjing) even though the hoispital looks like a 5-star hotel...the sanitaiton practices are bizzare, knowing what we know about blood diseases.

      Hotel sheets are changed at least weekly, even if you personally only stay you may expect to find some elses hair in your bed.
      Examine all bathrooms and rooms before checking into the hotel.
      Ask to see the rooms first.
      Do not buy anything without examining the exact item you plan to leave with, before you pay! (or you will regret that)
      Everyone says Chines people are so nice and kindly, but if money is involved in any way at will get to see the real Chinese. I promise you that.

      Cautionary note: The USA and China differ dramtically: in China, liability and culpability DO NOT exist.
      If you are somehow injured when in China, even if you are dieing, make sure to get names of this country the idea of a police report is only the written word of witnesses, not a policeman's professional conduct!
      When you get to the emergency room, expect to be 'encountered' by the 'other party' and expect a large argument to ensue, he will try everything to cause you to change your mind and admit he is not he does not have to pay any pennies for your help!
      This event may take 5 or 6 hours, even years, possibly, and do not expect any medical help to be given to you, until 'someone' has paid the money!
      If you are bleeding, you may be asked to wait outside the building, until someone pays the money......China will not treat you at all, even in dire emergencies, unless they are paid first! Do Not get in that must be cautious and prepared to treat yourself!
      And, remember, sanitation is not a priority in any Chinese city, anywhere! (Unless you are the big leader of some important Chinese buisness.) As an American tourist, you are no more important or of any more concern than some realitvely poor, migrant worker from their own countryside.

      Finally, in China you will find many nice quite, loud talking, spitting, chortling folks, with ego's the size of Texas.
      Serendipity stopped as you crossed the Pacific.
      Charitable acts only exist in the USA or a few other westernized countries, but you can be assured that charitable acts DO NOT exist in China.
      Western culture also has the type of male known as a gentleman......I hope you are NOT expecting that over here....even so, you will be shocked amazed and likely extraordinarily dismayed when the "Nice Harmonious and Peaceful" folks of China push you, shove you, step on you and spit right in front of you....or maybe they will walk in their underwear for especially are happy to walk around in ther scibbies....and their children, you will notice, do not wear diapers, and will poop and pee right on the watch what you are stepping in, ok?

      Lastly, I hope you really like cigarette smoke....themen here are very very proud of their indulgences, especially cigs, this enables each one to feel, so.....well, .......'big'.

      Enjoy your stay.

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